Photography, considered as an art, has always been seen as the best and only way to stop the moment, that rare instant that contains a great strength, that is issued with sweet violence.

The images-symbols, representative icons, can rouse real emotions, laying bare the soul of the observer willing to investigate the meaning of the picture itself.

For symbolists, like FPB, it is hard to resist their desire to express themselves through art. Their will to fight against artistic expression is too weak, although aware that art comes out from nothing, that it is the anthropization of a contest lacking an apparent meaning which is turned into a concept understandable by all.

Art takes the spectator’s mind off, taking him away, even if for a few seconds, from the impulsive hasty reasoning and replacing it with the reflection on the mystery expressed by images which raise questions and mental wanderings.

Symbolic photography is not strictly a visual art. Spectator is lead to become actor since he investigates, thinks over, reflects and continues his mystical voyage emphasizing and amplifying imagination.


Like in a film-showing, he follows the precise order of the pictures and spreads it seeking, finally, an underlying meaning even in the photograph that could not have any.

He is not alone anymore: something or somebody has induced him to stimulate an inner depth he considered as useless, not indispensable.
This depth, instead, was lying in his limbo ready to rise again: it is the greatness of Man.

Sometimes art is of use to somebody or something. It can become a sort of a totem, an icon: the sensations, the feelings that particular situations have brought about in the artist, although far away in time and space, are still a transferable document which does not lose its authenticity.

FPB wishes that future generations remember him as the author of an only picture, “The Violet Allegory”. It synthesizes in a few centimetres mankind’s dilemma, the opposition of Having to Being, with the appropriate tonalities.

In this image-symbol Joy prevails and it is expressed with a smile and with the perfect fusion Man/Nature that confines in the background the expression of happiness represented by the trinomial money-wisdom-elegance, even if exalted by a ray of light.